Friday, 24 November 2017

Secret Teachings of Krishna

AS YOU SEE IT .... Secret Teachings

The most used and abused verse of BhagVaad Gita is from Chapter – 2 Verse 47 spoken by Sri Krishna to Arjuna the warrior.
"karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadachana
 ma karma-phala-hetur bhurma te sango ’stv akarmani
"कर्मणये वाधिकारस्ते मां फलेषु कदाचन । मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि" ।।
To perform your action and the right to perform is always your decision for any desired result at any time. But when action is attached to desire and performed for a result it leads to attachment and becomes inaction.

The modern double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light can exist in dual characteristics of being a wave and also a particle. It changes form when there is an observer. When an observer is observing the light it takes the forms a particle and when unobserved it remains as a wave particle.
This science of new thinking is the possibility of Sri Krishna explaining the theory at the Quantum level. As scientist are exploring the possibilities of material world as a network of patterns and relationship. There is this great human (Hence BhagVaan) who knew this knowledge and explained to Arjuna the consequence of expecting a result for a desired action. When the action is observed it breaks the law of attraction.
The law of attraction works when there is a law of distraction. See I did not mention Law of detachment rather law of distraction. When law of attraction is at work the observer or let’s says someone who is deeply thinking about the same thing again and again it breaks the law of attraction and puts forth the law of detachment. This brings to the main question is this the reason why some prayers go unanswered? Yes it is. . As we know today the material world is a network of patterns in deep relation. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Gita's Secret Teaching

BhagVaad Gita. The secret Teaching

Science is gradually getting to understand that the past can be altered by 
changing the present.

In this world of illusion/fantasy (brahm) the way to produce result is by the performing action as a sacrifice. All actions should be performed for the sake of gaining knowledge and to please Brahma. Who is Brahma? One among the Trinity! ‘Brahma’. The mind! The mind is the master creator and anything created seen and unseen is first created in the mind or manas.
This mind uses the 5 senses, which are untamed for the one who is not self - realized and tamed for the one realized.

Krishna is also a warrior but still holding the chariot and doing the action of a charioteer (five horses) is the best example.

It is impossible to have a material body and remain action less. The Karma Yoga or the science of action is beyond the concept called work (duty) or how we perform our work (duty) in our day to day life. It is Action that Krishna talks about; there is no material body that can remain without action. Even the body of the dead has to perform action as action is the source of all effects.
Every thought emerges from imagination; every imagination is the will to perform, every performance yields result, every result is seen as matter and the cycle continues.

The importance of a healthy mind and body.

Action can be performed without distraction only if the mind and body are healthy. All other actions performed without the co-operation of the body and mind is tiring and referred to work or duty. The body of all being is the ‘Atma’ or the ‘Self’, the organs that control the actions for the maintenance or preserving this body are the demi-gods. The liver or kidney or the heart and even the brain would never shift roles. Let’s say your Kidney is bad, your liver heart or the brain would not jump in to do the work of the kidney. So every demi-god or organs has being assigned a specific function, role and responsibility. And then there is Param - Atma ‘Parmatma’ the supreme controller, observer and the measured

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Secrets decoded 'Gita'

The Secrets decoded 'Gita'

It is the energy and soul and life of the spirit that is being worked upon in different ways by matter. Everyone acts according to his nature. The atom cannot disobey the law. Whether it is the mental or the physical atom, it must obey the law. If it is a law, it cannot be broken. None can break it. Does the apple break the law of gravitation? The moment the law is broken, no more universe exists. We cannot remain without action for a moment. Never can an atom! Act!
Bramh means illusion, Bramhand is an illusionary world. Brahman is the one who understands Bramh of the Bhramhand.

Anyone who understands the illusionary world is said to be a Brahman or at peace as he is out of the illusionary world by seeing within himself. Karma Yoga, the science of performing action, every action yields result as per the first law of cause and effect. Understanding who the cause is changes the effect. Science gradually is getting to know that the past can be altered by changing the present. Only when one understands what or who is the self, will self – realization be possible. Action becomes inaction for the one who understands this.
When performing any action be a part of that action, don’t be a mere spectator. Any action that you perform would become work or duty and make the body and mind exhausted if the self is not enjoying doing it. With enjoyment of performing any task leads to vitality and not exhaustion. It gives the energy to perform more and better. Chapter 3 Verse 19 of BhagVaad Gita elaborates Performance of Action; When an action is performed with an intention (for a better salary, or a promotion or better food etc) there is an expectation of a return for the work. For a wise man, there is no intention or purpose for the work except to gain knowledge. He is beyond all intentions and reasoning. The self – realized man does not look for the external stimuli for his motivation. He is self – motivated and does not procrastinate/delay/postpone his actions. Anyone who starts performing their action would yield results. Non-attachment is the Idea. He does not need anything. He does not want anything. He works for work’s sake. “Work for work’s sake! Worship for worship’s sake! Do good because it is good to do good! The great personalities naturally set the example for the common man to follow in the manner in which they speak and in the way in which they act. That must be the character of the man.
Truth! is ‘That’ which does not change, ‘That’ which has never changed and ‘That’ which will never change. If action is performed with pure determination, if action is performed with pure devotion, if action is performed without causing any harm or against any grudge, even that person becomes free from the Laws of the nature. And action becomes Inaction.
Chapter 3 - Verse 35 it is better to perform our own actions with determination and devotion rather than performing somebody else’s action.
Every being is born to self-evolve and understand the modes of nature. Your actions are your responsibility. Every human being is trying to evolve through their own actions and experiences. The entire evolution would come to standstill if we start performing somebody else’s action. For our evolution it is important that we perform our own actions even if they lead to negative result. With the experience of the negative result is how human beings have evolved.
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