Monday, 26 September 2016

For the ONES who sacrifice selves to see the Nation rise above the Cause. We bow in respect. Dedicated to THE Dron-Acharya’s
“GU” = Darkness “RUH” = THE Embodied FORCE.
A teacher teaches the winning ways imparting us with the knowledge of “winning and losing.”
A GURU shows way of imparting SELF at ALL situation giving knowledge, “It’s WIN or LEARN. You never lose”
For THE Teacher a learner is a disciple! For a GURU THE Learner is always a Friend. (Bhagwat Gita)
The Teacher teaches us what others achieved! A GURU teaches us what was not achievable by SELF.
The teacher carries the Lamp in the Darkness! A GURU burns self, swallowing the Darkness.
HOW to answer the questions ASKED!  Teacher!!HOW to question the ANSWER presented!  GURU!!
Styles our Intellect!  Teacher!! Styles Intellect to Educate Self!   GURU!!
The power to use 26 Alphabets!  Teacher!! The power to know HOW to use the 26 Alphabets”! GURU!!
Stepping stone to understanding Ignorance!  Teacher!!  Stepping stone to understanding Self!  GURU!!
Helping to flap the wings in the NEST!  Teacher!!Throwing out of the NEST to use WINGS!  GURU!!
Rule Bound! Irrespective of the Giver and Taker!  Teacher!!Break ALL rules to create a LEGACY!  GURU!!
We need more Drona-Acharya’s who can guide each one of us through this world of Darkness and show us the Light within us. Keep Seeking….

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